YOU ARE GOOD AT THINGS (Based on the Book)

Apr 07

I’m good at letting people know that I know someone else with their name. (“You’re Steve? I went to college with a Steve.”)

Apr 06

I’m good at getting really upset about website redesigns. 

Mar 30

I’m good at sitting with my butt half-off the chair. 

Mar 28

I’m good at changing depressing song lyrics to make them more uplifting.

Mar 19

I am good at sparing the lives of spiders I find in my house. 

Mar 17

I’m good at knowing exactly how much e-books should cost, despite never having worked in nor studied book publishing. 

Mar 12

I’m good at casting the movie version of whatever book I’m reading. 

Mar 12

I’m good at stocking up. 

Mar 12

I am good at signing my name on iPads and other register touchscreens. 

Mar 12

I am good at balancing random objects on my left forearm.

Mar 12

I’m good at giving hope and love to my fellow cancer patients.

Feb 18

I’m good at picturing myself in outfits. 

Feb 12

I’m good at bullying doctors into giving me the prescription I want. 

Feb 12

I’m good at bragging about staying a comfortable 5 years behind the curve when it comes to societal crazes. 

Feb 02

I am good at finding innovative and annoying places to hang towels to dry when I’m a guest.