YOU ARE GOOD AT THINGS (Based on the Book)

Sep 16

I am good at singing a song only once and being able to get it stuck in people’s heads.

Aug 25

I’m good at waiting until after we get back.

Aug 25

I am good at knowing the difference between the download folder and the Downloads folder.

Aug 25

I am good at pulling up to the drive-thru and asking for a minute when I already know exactly what I want.

Aug 10

I’m good at deciding whether to see a movie or not based solely on how long it is.

Jul 21

I’m good at always having a band-aid on a finger for some stupid reason. 

Jun 23

I’m good at taking it really personally when the cashier checks to see if my $20 bill is counterfeit.

Jun 20

I am good at complaining about little kids having too many graduation ceremonies.

Jun 09

I’m good at going to the wrong place and the wrong time for work trainings.

Jun 09

I’m good at psyching people out by starting an iMessage so they see the dots that show I’m writing something, and then not sending anything.

Jun 05

I’m good at missing the rainbow.

May 10

I’m good at forcing myself to watch TV to ensure I’m getting a good return on my cable bill investment.

May 03

I’m good at predicting things after they’ve happened.

Apr 23

I’m good at layering nachos.

Apr 23

I’m good at singing Itsy Bitsy Spider when I think nobody’s there.